Regular Classes     List of Qualifiers
Excellent A - 20 Inch
Judge:	Joan Meyer	Course Yardage:	174 yds		Course Time:	63 sec
1	20613	Billie Jean	RAY'S BILLIE JEAN OA OAJ.  ILP 92543.  4/1/00.  Bitch.  Australian Cattle Dog.  Breeder: Unknown.  By 
			Unknown - Unknown.  Owner: Judith Ray.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	59.84	Score:  100

Excellent A - 24 Inch
Judge:	Joan Meyer	Course Yardage:	174 yds		Course Time:	63 sec
1	24614	Hawk	RAINBOW REDTAIL HAWK CDX AX AXJ.  WP82249901.  11/14/97.  Dog.  Doberman Pinscher.  Breeder: 
			Unknown.  By Unknown - Unknown.  Owner: Carol Kluka and Lenny  Sachs.  Handler: Carol Kluka.
			Time:	47.54	Score:  100

2	24606	Murphy	DEMO AND BAILEY'S LIL MURPHSTER AX OAJ.  SN55025907.  6/11/98.  Dog.  Labrador Retriever.  
			Breeder: C Elaine Courtney.  By Demo Owen Daniel - Matt's Bailey Sandy Courtney.  Owner: Jennifer 
			Henderson.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	50.36	Score:  100

3	24605	Vanna	LIBERTY'S MAGIC TOUCH CDX OA OAJ.  WP93883411.  10/15/99.  Bitch.  Great Dane.  Breeder: Owner.  
			By Ch Chanor A Kind of Magic - Liberty's Chelsea V Vindane.  Owner: Joyce Guthrie.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	64.41	Score:  97

Excellent B - 12 Inch
Judge:	Joan Meyer	Course Yardage:	160 yds		Course Time:	69 sec
1	12803	Callie	BROOKWOOD LOVE TAKES TIME.  SN76709801.  7/6/00.  Bitch.  Cocker Spaniel.  Breeder: Tiina Blue and
	 		Al Blue.  By Ch Brookwood Freshly Brewed - Ch Brookwood's Rumor Has It.  Owner: Jaime Theobald.  
			Handler: Owner.
			Time:	48.04	Score:  100

2	12809	Lizzy	MACh WINBUCK'S LIZZY CDX.  DL74581206.  5/2/98.  Bitch.  Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  Breeder: Charles 
			and Sue Harrison.  By Ch Winbuck's Max' Em CD - Winbucks Ode to Joy.  Owner: Sarah Carlisle.  Handler:
			Time:	52.28	Score:  100

3	12807	Scooby	SCOOBY DOO MX MXJ.  ILP 91732.  1/1/98.  Dog.  Beagle.  Breeder: Unknown.  By Unknown - Unknown.  
			Owner: Marion Fox.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	56.03	Score:  100

4	12805	Tink	TINKER BELL OF FANTASY ACRES AX AXJ.  DL87621202.  5/2/01.  Bitch.  Shetland Sheepdog.  Breeder: 
			Kathleen Dickey.  By Memory Maker My Teddy Bear AX AXJ AJP - Memory Maker Medicine Woman.  Owner: 
			Steve Norton and Beverly Norton.  Handler: Steve Norton.
			Time:	59.32	Score:  100

	12810	Bow	SOUTHCROSS OVER THE RAINBOW UDX AX AXJ.  RM12220602.  9/11/94.  Bitch.  Miniature Schnauzer.  
			Breeder: Sonny Shanks Lelle.  By Ch Kaiserhaus Road to Glory - Ch Southcross Better Luv Nextym UD.  
			Owner: Clay and Nancy Lincoln.  Handler: Nancy Lincoln.
			Time:	64.81	Score:  100
Excellent B - 16 Inch
Judge:	Joan Meyer	Course Yardage:	160 yds		Course Time:	63 sec
1	16804	Augie	SKYWARDS SHANTARA N' SYNC.  DL79932101.  7/31/99.  Dog.  Shetland Sheepdog.  Breeder: Tracy 
			Grathwohl.  By Ch Skywards We Be Jammin' - Skyward Kurie Tiramisu.  Owner: David Castle and Sonja 
			Erickson.  Handler: Dave Castle.
			Time:	47.81	Score:  100

2	16815	Rocky	SOUTHCROSS ROCKY ROAD UD MX MXJ.  RM23086603.  1/24/98.  Dog.  Miniature Schnauzer.  Breeder: 
			Sonny Shanks Lelle.  By Ch Classic Midnight Cowboy - Ch Southcross Yellow Brick Road UD.  Owner: 
			Clay and Nancy Lincoln.  Handler: Clay Lincoln.
			Time:	51.72	Score:  100

3	16803	April	CASINO'S INSTANT BINGO UDX MX MXJ.  DL51488002.  1/27/94.  Bitch.  Shetland Sheepdog.  Breeder: 
			Lori Schulz and Cindy Lachnit.  By Ch Moonshine's Brandy Alexander - Moonshine's Bicardi Breeze CD.  
			Owner: Donna Schepers.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	53.01	Score:  100

4	16816	Max	BLUE PARROT MAX.  SN24975402.  5/5/95.  Dog.  English Cocker Spaniel.  Breeder: Donna Kovar.  By 
			Ashgrove on the Road Again - Ashgrove Rehba.  Owner: Margaret Kriley.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	54.66	Score:  100

	16808	Twister	FOXVALE'S TORNADO WARNING CD AX AXJ.  SN79716205.  12/31/00.  Bitch.  NS Duck Tolling Retriever.  
			Breeder: Debra Gibbs.  By Vesper Mariner Coupe De Vale AX AXJ - Foxvale's Affair to Remember MX AXJ.  
			Owner: Kim Anderson.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	59.05	Score:  100

Excellent B - 20 Inch
Judge:	Joan Meyer	Course Yardage:	174 yds		Course Time:	63 sec
1	20820	Kamikaze	TOPSHELF'S CRASH AND BURN AX OAJ.  DL83665805.  5/26/00.  Bitch.  Border Collie.  Breeder: Jennifer
	 		McDonald.  By Glen II - MACh Zima on Blue Ice CD.  Owner: Jennifer McDonald.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	42.54	Score:  100

2	20828	Audi	MACh ONE ASH AUDACIOUS DIVA.  SN41535608.  1/5/97.  Bitch.  Golden Retriever.  Breeder: Elaine L 
			Brent.  By OTCh Meadowponds Juss Tunin In UDX - One Ash Prix Caprilli UD.  Owner: Mary Gregerson.  
			Time:	44.17	Score:  100

3	20827	Jack	O'DUINNIN OH DAT JACK B NIMBLE UD MX MXJ.  DL79219304.  6/22/99.  Dog.  Bearded Collie.  Breeder: 
			Eileen Dinneen.  By Ch Shanaspree Snodrift O'Duinnin - Ch O'Duinnin Oh Delorean CD AX AXJ.  Owner: 
			Jill Scarborough.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	45.00	Score:  100

4	20810	Abby	GIVN AWAY TO ME TD MX MXJ.  DL82673101.  10/10/99.  Bitch.  Border Collie.  Breeder: David L Rumfelt.  
			By Beard's Buster - Maddie.  Owner: Frank Ferraiuolo.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	46.40	Score:  100

	20802	Skeeter	MACh RENERGADE BOY CD.  ILP 90195.  1/1/96.  Dog.  Border Collie.  Breeder: Unknown.  By Unknown - 
			Unknown.  Owner: Marion Fox.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	47.77	Score:  100

	20825	Chammy	MACh LOOKOUT'S LE CHAMONIX VCD3 UDX.  SN31275007.  1/13/96.  Bitch.  Golden Retriever.  Breeder: 
			Debbie Ascher.  By Ch Kinsale's Bugaboo Boy TD - Edgehill Lookout Lil Blarney CD TD SH.  Owner: Jerry 
			Lewis and Karen Lewis.  Handler: Jerry Lewis.
			Time:	48.71	Score:  100

	20813	Leah	HOLLIDAZE LEAGUE OF HER OWN JH AX AXJ.  SN59994802.  12/13/98.  Bitch.  Labrador Retriever.  
			Breeder: Barb Holl and Lisa Gesiakowski.  By Ch Hollidaze Priority Mail - Hollidaze Okra Winfrey.  Owner: 
			Carolyn Johnson.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	51.50	Score:  100

	20808	Nina	KALISTA'S AROUND THE WORLD CD TD MX MXJ.  WP92659708.  6/12/99.  Bitch.  Portuguese Water Dog.
	  		Breeder: Linda and Krista Hunt.  By Ch Sun Joy's Guarda O'Mar Alto CD - Ch Neocles Water Lily CDX MX 
			MXJ.  Owner: Tammy Etscheidt and Bill Etscheidt.  Handler: Tammy Etscheidt.
			Time:	51.67	Score:  100

	20829	Grace	AUREO GRACEFULLY CHOSEN CD TD MX MXJ.  SN60013602.  12/5/98.  Bitch.  Golden Retriever.  
			Breeder: Owner.  By Ch Quail Run's Belfast Bruiser - Aureo Divinity Fudge of Fyke CDX TD JH AX AXJ.  
			Owner: Neida Heusinkvelt.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	52.13	Score:  100

	20818	Maggie	O'MROZ MAGGIE MAE AX AXJ.  RM17717306.  6/4/96.  Bitch.  Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  Breeder: 
			Carolyn A Baker.  By Kai Cee's George - Three Pines Shy Violet.  Owner: Janine Mroz and Steve Mroz.  
			Handler: Janine Mroz.
			Time:	54.45	Score:  100

	20801	Breeze	BREEZE AX AXJ.  ILP 95597.  10/1/99.  Bitch.  Brittany.  Breeder: Unknown.  By Unknown - Unknown.  
			Owner: Marcia Whitmore.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	55.75	Score:  100

	20804	BJ	BJ GROOVIN UP SWIFTLY.  DL69008803.  4/26/97.  Dog.  Australian Shepherd.  Breeder: Shirley Clark.  
			By Winterhavens JK Intimidator - Clarks Crimson Rose.  Owner: Pamela Leach.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	56.53	Score:  100

Excellent B - 24 Inch
Judge:	Joan Meyer	Course Yardage:	174 yds		Course Time:	63 sec
1	24810	Gizmo	HHR'S GOTA LI'L GREMLIN CDX AX AXJ.  PP56726502.  10/12/98.  Dog.  Standard Poodle.  Breeder: Jo 
			Ann Waser.  By HHR's Rocky St Opie - HHR's Blackeyed Katie.  Owner: Nancy Lauermann.  Handler: 
			Time:	45.48	Score:  100

2	24813	Henry	CANEBRAKE HIGH HOPES HENRY CD AX AXJ.  SN58504302.  10/27/98.  Dog.  Labrador Retriever.  
			Breeder: Owners.  By Triathalon Mikey - Canebrake Chloe.  Owner: Martha Veatch and Greg Veatch.  
			Handler: Martha Veatch.
			Time:	47.45	Score:  100

3	24815	Broker	OTCh BANKER'S PREFERRED STOCK VCD2 UDX MX AXJ.  SN36864607.  8/13/96.  Dog.  Golden 
			Retriever.  Breeder: Gerald K Emlay.  By OTCh Locknors Bank on a Star TD JH - Red Rivers Samatha Su 
			UD JH.  Owner: Crystal Ferraiuolo.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	47.52	Score:  100

4	24812	CJ	RIVERDUCK'S SECOND CHANCE.  SN41544603.  1/22/97.  Dog.  Golden Retriever.  Breeder: Jim & 
			Debbie Huston.  By Last Chance of Milford UDTDX MH - Riverduck Sophie MH.  Owner: Anita Raithel and 
			Chuck Raithel.  Handler: Anita Raithel.
			Time:	47.60	Score:  100

	24806	Joker	Ch AVONLEA LOVES WILD CARD CD MX MXJ.  DL79949902.  2/17/99.  Dog.  Belgian Malinois.  Breeder: 
			Ann MacKay.  By Maubray Du Maugre - Ch Avonlea Fabled Forget-Me-Not.  Owner: Lori Schulz.  Handler: 
			Time:	48.61	Score:  100

	24809	Taffy	TAFFY LOU HONEY-BEAR VCD1 AX AXJ.  SN62884702.  3/23/99.  Bitch.  Golden Retriever.  Breeder: Keith 
			and Teri Replogle.  By Replogle's Cody Code-man - Cora Elaine Replogle.  Owner: Christina Yohe.  
			Time:	48.62	Score:  100

	24816	Smooth	MACh SMOOTH.  ILP 84861.  2/23/96.  Bitch.  Rottweiler.  Breeder: Unknown.  By Unknown - Unknown.  
			Owner: Diane Martin.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	49.67	Score:  100

	24821	Tori	MACh2 WYNTERWYND'S VIVALA VICTORIA CDX.  WP69412604.  2/7/96.  Bitch.  Doberman Pinscher.  
			Breeder: Bernard and Kathleen Pollack.  By Ch Touchstone's Easy Street - Wynterwynd's Bobbi Brooks.  
			Owner: Connie Apling and Louis Apling.  Handler: Connie Apling.
			Time:	50.21	Score:  100

	24805	Storm	MACh PATRIOT'S STORMIN NORMIN.  NM62731005.  8/10/95.  Dog.  Dalmatian.  Breeder: Owner.  By Sir 
			Fredrick Roden - Princess Dominique XIV.  Owner: Jana Brady.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	50.96	Score:  100

	24801	Apollo	OTCh SUNFIRE'S UNDENIABLE VCD3 UDX MH MX MXJ.  SN23016401.  3/5/95.  Dog.  Golden Retriever.  
			Breeder: Michael A Book and Barbara F Blewer.  By OTCh Bargello's Ten on the Richter UDXTDX MH - 
			Sunfire Crystalite Skyfire CD JH.  Owner: Patricia Jones and Thaddeus Charles Jones.  Handler: Patricia 
			Time:	53.51	Score:  100
Preferred Classes     List of Qualifiers
Excellent A - 8 Inch
Judge:	Joan Meyer	Course Yardage:	160 yds		Course Time:	74 sec
1	8604	Garth	GARTH JUST HOUNDDOG.  HM77835206.  7/23/98.  Dog.  Basset Hound.  Breeder: Mike Wessel.  By Sir 
			Hoober Muprhy of Longear - Pricilla Just Hounddog.  Owner: Geri Wessel.  Handler: Owner.
			Time:	74.57	Score:  100

Excellent B - 20 Inch
Judge:	Joan Meyer	Course Yardage:	174 yds		Course Time:	68 sec
1	20836	Jake	Ch MYTYM JACOBS FIELD UD JH AX AXP AXJ AJP.  SN28330802.  8/7/95.  Dog.  Labrador Retriever.  
			Breeder: Arline Cooper.  By Ch Linrays Moonshiner of Mika's - Shamrock Acres Blockade Runer.  Owner: 
			Carolyn Johnson and Pat Rubin.  Handler: Carolyn Johnson.
			Time:	64.22	Score:  100