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AKC Annually Licensed Agility Trial Secretary


Greater St Louis Agility Club
Agility Trials

February 1-3, 2019
Open to Mixed Breeds with AKC listing numbers



Print out completed entry forms or enter online at  LabTestedOnline.com


Event #'s 2019527601, 20197527602, 2019527603

Purina Farms

300 Checkerboard Loop
Gray Summit, MO  63039


Friday Results Friday Stats
Saturday Results Saturday Stats
Sunday Results Sunday Stats


Friday Saturday Sunday
All Standard and JWW classes
Premier STD, Premier JWW
All Standard, JWW and FAST classes All Standard and JWW classes
Time 2 Beat
Limit (runs) 700 700 700
Judges STD: Terry Elger
JWW: David Nauer
STD: David Nauer
JWW: Terry Elger
Nov/Open FAST: Terry Elger
M/X FAST: David Nauer
STD: Terry Elger
JWW: David Nauer
T2B 4/8/12: Terry Elger
T2B 16/20/24/24C: David Nauer

Facility: 2 rings  Indoor, soccer turf