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Agility Trials

Jul 18-21, 2019
Thursday - Cocker Spaniels only
Friday-Sunday - Open to All AKC-Recognized Breeds (no mixed breeds)



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Event #'s 2019110710, 2019110708, 2019110709, 2019110713

Purina Farms Event Center                                Photos/Video of the Event Center

300 Checkerboard Loop
Gray Summit, MO  63039

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Standard, JWW, FAST
Time 2 Beat
Standard, JWW
Premier JWW
Standard, JWW
Premier STD
Standard, JWW
Time 2 Beat
Limit (runs) 350 runs
Cocker Spaniels only
350 runs 350 runs 350 runs
Judges Jennifer McDonald Jennifer McDonald Mary Mullen Mary Mullen

Facility: 1 ring   Indoor, soccer turf

Method of Acceptance: First Received with preference to Cocker Spaniels.  During the first 3 weeks, entries for Cocker spaniels only will be accepted into the trial. All other breeds entries will be put on a waiting list. On May 27 those entries will be put into the trial in order of receipt.

Fees: $26 for first entry per dog per day; $16 for each additional entry per dog per day

Opened: Monday, 5/6/19 8:00 am CDT       Closes: Wednesday, 7/3/19 6:00 pm CDT

NOTE:  Final confirmations will be sent by email if you include an email address with your entry.  Confirmation information, judging schedule and directions will be on this website.